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At General Motors, you can embark on a professional journey that challenges and develops you in ways you never thought possible. And you’ll do so surrounded by a community that supports and inspires you every step of the way. Our initiative to “build a culture to win” has been deemed a top priority throughout the company—because the people are the reason we prosper.

Our culture in action worldwide

Aiming for excellence, connected by purpose, and making an impact. We’re shaking things up—on a global scale.


North America

  • USGM2020 brings cross-functional participants together to brainstorm ways to make GM a better place to work by 2020 and challenges them to be agents of change in the workplace.
  • US — Committing daily Random Acts of Culture — sharing workplace photos online — shows how we nurture engagement and promote a “Culture to Win.”
  • CanadaRevv4Health Benefit Program — This program helps participants improve their mental, physical, and financial health, while earning points towards additional benefit funds.
  • Mexico — At least once a year, every function travels offsite for team training and development.
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South America

  • Argentina & Uruguay — Reinforcing and living GM Culture — The “Cultural Brigade” facilitates activities to reinforce cultural behaviors and recognize employees who show those behaviors in their work. The Innovation Lab site was launched to help foster innovation.
  • BrazilThe Amazing Race — A week full of charity and community events in which employees show and live the elements of culture and foster their engagement.
  • ChileMost Valuable Peers — Employees created the “Thank You” campaign to recognize their colleagues.
  • ColombiaPromotes Innovation, Trust & Commitment — Employees identify processes that could be done “faster”, recognize peers and share why they trust the areas they frequently work with.
  • EcuadorStrong Organizational Development Strategy — A communication strategy designed for leaders to generate cultural discussions in their teams.
  • PerúReinforcing the Cultural Elements — The “Just Eliminate it!” campaign promotes process improvement and “Culture Workshops” are facilitated by leaders to generate team culture discussions.
  • VenezuelaWe work together to build a Winning Culture — Communication strategy for employees to relate their daily activities with our GM Culture.
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  • EuropeDRIVE! 2022 — Opel’s employees engage as change agents to implement strategy, improve brand image, strengthen market share, and enter new markets toward revitalized profitability.
  • GermanyBring your kids to work day — All employees have the opportunity to bring their kids to work for one day to experience the workplace of their parents.
  • UKInvestors in People award reflects the best practices in people development and high-performance working.
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  • North AfricaFind, Grow and Keep Women in GM — Develops female talent through a 6-month personal and professional training program.
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Asia/Middle East

  • Middle EastOur employees helped design and implement a business strategy for our Customer Care and After sales Department and the Employee Engagement Council takes feedback from employees and implements solutions focused on enhancing office culture.
  • ChinaPOWER China — Opening Doors for Women Conference in Shanghai and The Working Mother© Global Advancement of Women Conference in Beijing.
  • IndiaInitiated Appreciation Week, Team GM Awards and People Excellence Awards to build a culture of appreciation and to reward excellence. Introduced a more objective and robust hiring process and training to build essential people leader capability.
  • KoreaDriving cultural change through the Mind GMK Business training focusing on increasing cross-functional awareness and breaking down functional silos.
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  • Workshops and forums delivered across the business to elicit feedback to redesign the Holden Vision and define what “winning” looks like.
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formula for employee engagement

4 Fundamentals of Engagement

Rooted in…

  1. Purpose – We have opportunities to grow and learn as our company grows.
  2. Passion – Our job is rewarding and stimulating.
  3. Pride – We take pride in where we work and what we do.
  4. Personal Fit – Strive for the best use of the best skills and in the right roles.
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5 Truths about Employees

We make sure our employees…

  1. Feel valued and do valuable work.
  2. Believe their time is measured by quality, not just quantity.
  3. Know that WE know how much effort the work takes.
  4. Understand what skills keep them in critical roles or what roles are giving them critical skills.
  5. Experience transparency in all communication.
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6 Tips for increased Engagement

Our Leaders…

  1. Acknowledge the Work – “Thank you” goes a long way.
  2. Encourage Curiosity – Provide an open forum for questions and ideas.
  3. Explain the Why – Paint the bigger picture.
  4. Elevate the Purpose – Show how every role matters.
  5. Find the Minute – Give candid, timely feedback.
  6. Tell Their Own Story – And ask others to share theirs.
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7 Dimensions in a Workplace of choice

The GM workplace aspires to…

  1. Embrace Teamwork – Is your motto “All for one and one for all”?
  2. Think Fairness – Do you follow the Golden Rule?
  3. Build Trust – Are you trusting and trusted?
  4. Promote Growth – Are you working to become a better you?
  5. Inspire Commitment – Is your passion contagious?
  6. Provide Recognition – Do you give credit where it’s due?
  7. Know Our Business – How do you impact the world?
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In 2014, GM surpassed the global average for employee engagement. Today, employee engagement is at an all-time high and rising steadily (+16% in 2 years). And we’re just getting started…

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Workplace & employer awards

We work nonstop to be better than ever, and the world is taking notice. See how our thriving culture is paying off in a big way!


Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Employers” for 2015 by MediaCorp Canada Inc. for the 5th consecutive year.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Vauxhall was named one of Britain’s Top Employers by the Top Employers Institute for the 5th year in a row.

North Africa
North Africa

Named “Best Company for Women to Work For” by the AmCham MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Regional Council.


Won the Grand Prize in the Global Contribution category of the 2015 Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Forbes CSR Awards.


Ranked #7 in the “Top Ten Super Companies” by Expansion Magazine—assessing climate and organizational culture—for the 3rd consecutive year.

United States
United States

Given the silver “Collaboration” Learning in Practice award by Chief Learning Officer magazine for its global collaboration between leaders, HR teams, functions, regions and employees on career development initiatives.

As we strive to close the gap between engagement that’s Above Average and Best in Class, we always keep the following tenets in mind for the future:

  • Engagement: It starts local, then goes global
  • Workplace of Choice Is: Building a culture, not a survey
  • Storytelling Is Key: Share best practices whenever possible
  • Building a Culture to Win Can Be Slow: But it is essential
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