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Giving GM
a Voice

With industry-leading automotive operations spanning the globe, our communications professionals serve as strategic partners for all of our business functions. We provide the resources that broadcast GM corporate achievements and advancements worldwide.

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Our People

Our People

The people who work in GM Communications touch all aspects of the company and its activities:

  • To function effectively, Communications needs a group of diverse people with a broad variety of experience, knowledge and skills
  • Communications wants people with the ability to learn and react quickly to changing conditions
  • Collaboration is essential for communications; therefore, we need people who work well in teams
  • GM Communications looks for people with a passion for this extremely fast-paced and high profile industry

Our Role

Communications has a dual role to reach out to both internal and external audiences, giving a voice to GM’s people, products, activities, positions and company information.

We work closely with other organizations within GM to make sure the company’s business objectives are accurately communicated and effectively supported.

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Career Growth

Experience a world of Communication growth. The Communications staff at GM is built with people who have worked in the news media, other industries or auto companies, at public relations agencies and in a variety of staffs and departments within GM itself.

Employees who are destined to play a leadership role within GM Communications will be given opportunities in media relations, product communications, internal communications, communications operations and, when the stars align, international exposure.