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Global Finance is critical to our mission to design, build, and sell the world’s best vehicles. We offer many different types of finance careers. Each career path works together to build the financial strength of GM. Our teams are essential to defining the future of success at GM.


Follow Chelsea and find out how GM’s TRACK and EXCEL Programs are helping her and other professionals grow in the field of Global Finance.

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Corporate Accounting and Controller's Staff

We provide the financial foundation for GM's global operations by managing the information necessary to support internal and external reporting. Our team interacts with nearly every area of GM, including Corporate Headquarters, Regions, and Business Units.

Customer Care and Aftersales

Supporting automotive parts and service activities is a unique opportunity within GM. Our responsibilities include: forecasting and budgeting, pricing, invoicing, credit and receivables, supporting warehousing and distribution operations, and identifying and evaluating growth opportunities.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Utilizing key inputs from various GM business units and senior leadership, we evaluate financial forecasts to drive profitable decision-making and maximize financial returns. We analyze performance variances, as well as perform predictive business modeling to provide meaningful financial insight to support critical business decisions.

Global Information Technology Finance

The CIO and other senior information systems leaders rely on the core financial and analytical support we provide, including financial accounting, planning and analysis, and management reporting. With all of the changes within information technology, we work in a dynamic environment and add value daily.

Global Product Development

We work to ensure robust business case analyses to achieve appropriate financial targets and maximize the profitability of GM's portfolio of products. Our Global Engineering Finance team supports the vehicle capital appropriation analysis and tracking process by providing budgets and forecasts, performing financial controls, and supporting other operations.

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Finance

Working as part of the Product Development, Engineering, and Capital Management team, we focus on strategies and decisions to optimize GM's total enterprise cost. We are actively involved with managing supply base risk factors and analyzing the cost performance of vehicle part/component purchasing, logistics, indirect material, and capital investments.

GM Audit Services

Reporting to the Chair of the Audit Committee and the Executive VP & CFO, GM Audit Services provides independent assurance and advisory services. Our audit teams help GM accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes worldwide.

Investor Relations

We are responsible for developing and supporting communication about the company's strategic direction, financial performance, and other developments to investors, financial analysts, media, shareholders, and other constituencies. Our focus is providing clear, relevant, and accurate information about our company in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Manufacturing and Labor Relations Finance

We provide financial support, analyses, and leadership to the North America Manufacturing Organization, which includes plant operations, labor negotiations, health care initiatives, capital requirements/forecasts, energy analyses, and footprint strategies.

Global Connected Customer Experience

This is a small team with a big impact, managing a complete P&L, working with executive management, and interacting with groups from Product Development to Marketing and Sales. Global expansion is also a huge part of OnStar's world.

Treasurer's Office

Our Treasurer’s Office locations span across the globe from Detroit to Shanghai. We lend our expertise in the development and execution of corporate transactions worldwide. We offer a broad array of job experiences in Corporate Finance through a rotational program and provide an excellent platform for career development throughout the organization.

Overview of the Treasurer’s Office

US Sales, Service & Marketing

In addition to supporting the U.S. sales and service of GM vehicles, we are active participants in pricing and incentive strategies, vehicle exports, fleet sales, and the development of dealer networks. We are here to maximize revenue.

Driving Vision

Driving Vision

Our reach is big, and so are our ideas. From entry-level positions to senior analyst and managerial roles, our team develops accounting, tax, audit, profit analysis, and treasury strategies to take us further.

GM gives our finance professionals the opportunities to experience international assignments in 75 countries. The world of finance never stops, and here, there’s no room for standing still.

Building Together

Building Together

Bold and forward-thinking, we are helping to expand business operations domestically and internationally, with a growing focus on emerging markets. Building the relationships throughout the world to coordinate our Manufacturing and Labor Relations, Supply Chain, and Sales and Marketing.

Our Finance teams launch our every business plan, from Marketing promotions to working with Supply Chain to coordinate our parts network. We have the momentum and the drive to take GM to the world.

Growing Forward

Growing Forward

We’re looking for leaders. People willing to adapt to change and push the limits. Learn different components of our finance operations with 18 to 24-month rotations based on your preference, performance, development needs, and resource requirements.

Within the Treasurer’s Office, we offer 12 to 18-month assignments through groups, such as Capital Markets, Auto Finance, and Business Development. These assignments are designed to challenge your leadership, innovation, and adaptability. Fuel your future and join GM.