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Global Product Planning

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GM Product
Planning Jobs

At GM Global Product Planning, our innovative planners drive the processes that get decisions made and define how resources are best utilized. In Planning, you'll have insight into the big picture of what makes GM successful and have a hand in developing the strategies that continue our momentum. Product Planning's vision is to create innovative, robust and aligned product plans that thoughtfully outline opportunities, the actions to take and the results expected.

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+Global Portfolio Planning

The primary responsibility of GM’s Portfolio Planning team is to define and shape the future vehicle and powertrain portfolios for General Motor’s globally. Working collaboratively with Design, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Finance, we create plans for products that delight our customers, deliver strong financial returns, and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. This is done with a combination of regionally-focused teams located in many countries around the world to ensure deep and “close to the market” knowledge together with a global integration team to best optimize GM’s development resources and capacity plans.

+Global Long-Term Forecasting

This staff provides the necessary analysis and support to make key strategic decisions in the area of long-term vehicle forecasting in all regions of the globe.

+Global Product Research

The Global Product Research function is responsible for conducting all market research in support of GM's goal to infuse deep customer understanding into its brand and product development activities. Research conducted by the group for the U.S. divisional brands and channels include advertising, sponsorships and incentive research, along with segmentation and overall marketing strategy including consumer clinics that support GM's global vehicle development process. The market research professionals on the staff are responsible for all phases of study execution, starting with study design, and finishing with the development of the final report and communication to the internal clients. The research conducted by the group is executed through both traditional clinics/focus groups and through more innovative methods, including the use of online communities.


Our People

What does it take to succeed in Planning? Like in any world-leading organization, it takes diverse ideas, talent and interests.

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Our Role

Product Planning’s role is to combine a deep understanding of customer needs and desires, anticipated market and industry trends, and a vision for new possibilities to create an exciting an innovative plan for the future portfolio of vehicles around the globe.

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Career Growth

Bring your problem-solving expertise to General Motors Product Planning, and you'll find we provide every opportunity for you to succeed.

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