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Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Aftersales

Moving Ahead
of Demand

In our changing global marketplace, customer enthusiasm and loyalty are keys to our success. Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Aftersales is leading the way in global growth by being on the front lines of understanding regional consumer demand. GM is building even stronger brands by knowing the customer better than anyone, leveraging future technology and strategic alliances to execute better and faster. So, if you think this is the kind of company to move the world…you may be right.

Our Roles

The vision of the Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Aftersales organization is to “be the industry leader in marketing and selling automotive products and services and among the top quartile of highest valued franchises.” To accomplish this vision, our organization is divided into multiple business units, which include:

+Advertising and Marketing

The Advertising and Marketing Team supports the GSSM function by bringing GM’s ‘Go To Market Strategy’ to life through different forms of advertisements and media. By creating awareness of GM products to consumers, the Advertising and Marketing Team helps drive consumers to the GM family.

+Customer Relationship Management

Successful companies excel at keeping their current customers while extracting new business from competitors and in emerging markets. The Customer Relationship Management Team tracks customers, both sales and service, and keeps them informed of GM promotions and products throughout their ownership experience.

+Divisional Brands

The Divisions (i.e., Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, etc.) are responsible for ensuring that their brands are clearly defined within the GM Portfolio. This includes conveying a comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy, which defines their marketing, distribution and promotional plans.

+Field Team

The Field Teams work closely with dealers to increase the value of each franchise with a focus on building traffic and sales as well as customer retention and enthusiasm.

+Fleet and Commercial

Fleet and Commercial buyers have special vehicle requirements that must be comprehended by marketing in the vehicle development process. Fleet and Commercial goes head-to-head with our competition to show customers that GM understands and meets customer needs better than anyone.

+Industry Dealer Affairs

Industry Dealer Affairs (IDA) works to strengthen our dealer network by striving to have the right number of dealers in the best locations in the United States. IDA attracts entrepreneurial capital, administers our contracts with dealers and establishes policies that respond to the needs of GM, GM dealers and customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

+International Product Center

The International Product Center is responsible for growing the international sales of North American manufactured vehicles. Teams of marketing, engineering and distribution professionals work in the International Product Center to assure high quality North American vehicles are available for export to international markets.

+Order Fulfillment

The Order Fulfillment team manages the receipt of approximately 5.0 million new car and truck orders destined for both the North American and global market. The team’s goal is to enthuse GM Customers and Dealers with the right portfolio of vehicles, to ensure successful GM Dealers and exceed customer expectations.

+Retail Planning

Retail Planning works with our Divisions, Dealers and Field Teams to construct effective marketing plans and promotions. These include developing incentives, customer retention programs and retail sales events, then recommending future actions to the Leadership Teams.

+Sales and Marketing Support

The Sales and Marketing Support Team plan and execute promotions at the retail level. They make product training, auto shows, dealer events and recognition and diversity marketing happen.

+Customer Care & Aftersales

General Motors Customer Care & Aftersales (CCA) is the division of GM that makes sure the parts to service or repair every GM vehicle sold in North America are available when they are needed. CCA provides these parts through our two well-known brands: Genuine GM Parts and ACDelco.

+Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing defines the Divisional Brand positioning, target markets and customer needs. Strategic Marketing then works closely with Product Planning, Design, Engineering, Safety, R&D and the Vehicle Line Executives to translate the Divisional Brand positioning into the desired product attributes, which result in successful cars and trucks in the marketplace.


Our People

Our People

Our Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Aftersales professionals serve as key liaisons to link GM with our dealer partners and our customers.

Our employees develop and implement marketing, advertising and sales promotional activities; are on the cutting edge of digital media and consumer communications; consult with dealers to provide excellent sales and services experiences for our consumers; manage product distribution processes; ensure parts availability, and many other exciting responsibilities.

We play a pivotal role that leads to greater customer satisfaction and increased market strength for our brands around the globe. Our work adds appeal to our products and value to our bottom line.

Our Role

Our Role

As the Sales, Marketing, Customer Care & Aftersales team, our objective is to take full advantage of our worldwide expertise.

We make sure that we're all learning from each other, sharing both successes and failures in all our activities from advertising efficacy, dealer training and service delivery to fleet sales, field force effectiveness and emerging media and web-enabled technologies.

We focus on implementing best practices and common global processes to win in every market around the world.

Career Growth

Whatever your goals, GM has the power to drive your success. Working for a global corporation, your career prospects are virtually limitless.

You will find there are ample growth opportunities throughout GM, with plenty of support available for you along the way. Some of the best training in the world is offered by the Sales, Marketing, Customer & Aftersales College at General Motors University — a recognized, employee growth opportunity to continuously refresh and grow skills and knowledge, to stay at the forefront of industry.