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Treasurer's Office

Meet Our Team

  • Josh Polsky

Training Future Leaders

Welcome to the General Motors Treasurer’s Office, located in New York City and Detroit with international offices in Shanghai, Sao Paulo, and Russelsheim, Germany. The Treasurer’s Office offers a unique opportunity to finance professionals seeking an aggressive and diverse finance career.

GMTO offers a broad array of job experiences in Corporate Finance through a rotational program and provides an excellent platform for career development throughout the organization. In the past, GMTO personnel have transferred into operational roles within the company or have graduated into financial leadership roles in one of GM’s many multi-billion dollar business units.

Overview of the Treasurer’s Office

Treasurer’s Office Recruiting Schedule


Our People

Located in New York City and Detroit with Regional Treasury Centers in Russelsheim, Germany, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Shanghai, China, The Treasurer’s Office is headed by the Vice President, Treasurer, who reports directly to the CFO. Among those reporting to the Treasurer are the Assistant Treasurer, Director, Corporate Risk Management & Insurance, and Director, Corporate Development and Global M&A.

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Our Role

The professionals in the GMTO are responsible for a number of global corporate treasury functions and lend their expertise in the development and execution of corporate transactions worldwide. The office plays an important role in GM’s effort to create customer value, which revolves around enhancing the product portfolio and running our global operations efficiently.

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Career Growth

The rotational program at GMTO is designed to develop future GM leaders, and a large number of alumni currently hold senior positions in GM, both in the U.S. and internationally. As they rotate across the core office groups, new hires will have access to a talented group of financial professionals with a wealth of practical experience, and as analysts progress into managers and directors their learning curve also continues.

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