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Manufacturing Engineering

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Agents of
Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering depends on talented, well-prepared and motivated people to develop, implement and improve manufacturing and quality systems. Our focus is on developing lean, flexible manufacturing systems and processes worldwide.


Our People

Our People

GM Manufacturing Engineering consists of people who:

  • Are looking for a fast-paced, challenging work environment
  • Have strong communication and leadership skills
  • Are good team players and risk takers and take pride in getting the job done right
  • Possess Bachelor’s or advanced technical degrees or are experienced manufacturing engineering professionals

Our Role

Kristen Ciermak working inside a vehicle chassis

To operate the business globally by leveraging the talent, knowledge and expertise of the entire organization, we:

  • Develop lean manufacturing processes by working in parallel with Product Engineering
  • Are strategic and take risk to achieve investment and operating cost targets
  • Benchmark our competition to develop common, lean processes & standards that represent the lowest cost global solution
  • Drive the elimination of waste through Standardized Work & Continuous Improvement

Career Growth

Manufacturing Engineering is an ideal area to start your career moving. We’re a viable launching ground for countless GM success stories. Here, you’ll experience:

  • Respected professionalism
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Stimulating projects to expand previously obtained knowledge
  • New challenges with ever-changing technology
  • Opportunity to learn real-world skills
  • Real potential for career growth within the company
  • Opportunity for increased responsibility earlier in your career