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Quality Engineer Lisa Kehoe from GM's
Tonawanda Engine plant near Buffalo,
NY has created a program to allow
customers to tour the plant.
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The Integrity
of GM

GM Quality people are more than data predictors. They are intimately involved in decision-making from vehicle concept to execution. To build and maintain customer satisfaction, Quality professionals implement quality-control systems designed to create car and truck brands that result in satisfying buying and owning experiences for our customers.


Our People

Our People

Quality consists of people who:

  • Have strong analytical, interpersonal, communication and computer skills
  • Are out-of-the-box thinkers
  • Are able to apply innovative ideas in a fast-paced environment
  • Know or are willing to learn proven quality-improvement practices
  • Possess Bachelor's, Master's and/or Ph.D. degrees in Electrical, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics or Business Administration
  • Want to use Quality's cross-functionality as a stepping stone to other areas within GM, letting you change careers without changing companies

Our Role

Tom Durkin looking over an engine

Compelling design, flawless QRD, optimized performance, each product, our business plan goals and objectives and two line strategies.

Career Growth

Opportunities within Quality:

  • Use advanced tools to develop innovative solutions
  • Incorporate the concept of Standardized Work wherever possible
  • Maintain balance between process control and product control to achieve quality at the operator's station
  • Fully integrate our Quality System with the Competitive Manufacturing System