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Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
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Leading the Industry,

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain (GPSC) is the organization responsible for acquiring parts for vehicles, equipment for plants and services. GPSC optimizes GM’s material and supply chain costs supporting GM’s vehicle sales growth globally. Within GPSC you can develop an in-depth process knowledge base for commodities, Purchasing/Advance Purchasing, Supplier Quality, Order and Inventory Management, Scheduling and Material/Information availability and flow, Containerization, Transportation and Customer Care and Aftersales. GPSC activities touch all aspects of the corporate business, including Research and Development, Engineering, Quality, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Human Resources.

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Business Functions

+Global Purchasing

Source new and current products based on Total Enterprise Cost. Develop and execute long-term commodities strategies. Meet and exceed quality and warranty targets. Generate cost savings ideas with Engineering, Program Team and Supply Base. Work with Suppliers to bring latest technology to GM through Global Vehicle Development Process. Develop and maintain good supplier relationships including issue resolution.

+Customer Care & Aftersales

Improve customer service retention to drive vehicle re-purchase loyalty. Global Purchasing with additional focus on ensuring part availability at dealers from vehicle launch through the life of the product.

+Supplier Quality

Cradle to grave responsibility for Supplier Quality of parts (sourcing and warranty). Ensure supplier launch readiness through execution of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). Resolve Supplier quality issues. Interface and cooperate with cross-functional partners (i.e.: Purchasing, Manufacturing, Engineering) to achieve corporate quality targets.

+Supply Operations

Enables Vehicle Assembly, Powertrain, Stamping and Service Parts to achieve daily production schedules and successfully implement new product programs. Includes: Planning, Processes and Systems supporting Material Flow from Supplier-to-Factory and from Dock-to-Operator. Manage Corporate Build Schedules and Plant Operating Plans. Other business functions; Supplier Capacity and Crisis Management, Future/Current Material Availability Planning and Support, Inventory Control and Plant Material Flow Planning and Execution.

+Logistics / Containers

Provide logistics and container cost estimates for new product launches. Global program integration management. Global supply chain engineering. Logistics engineering (inbound and outbound). Logistics Purchasing. Global Containers.


Our People

Our People

Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Wants People Who:

  • Have outstanding skills in analysis, teamwork, problem solving, verbal/written communication, listening and group leadership.
  • Offer practical work experience and a strong technical background.
  • Choose to participate in our Leadership Development Program that provides the continuing education corporate exposure needed to acquire a broad skill base.
  • Dream of becoming a global citizen and working on purchasing jobs in Michigan and around the world.
  • Possess Bachelor's and/or Masters degrees from one of the world's leading centers of higher learning.

Our Role

Our Role

Global Purchasing and Supply Chain (GPSC) is responsible for acquiring parts for vehicles, equipment for plants, and products/services used globally by General Motors.

Because GM operates in four global regions, suppliers are able to do business in unprecedented volumes and have the opportunity to become global players. GPSC activities touch all aspects of the business, including Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales and Marketing.

Career Growth

Opportunities within Global Purchasing and Supply Chain include Buyers, Commodity Managers, and Intercontinental Logistics, where you'll:

  • Take responsibility for production control in dozens of manufacturing and assembly plants around the world.
  • Control the logistics of the millions of parts, systems and modules needed to create GM cars and trucks.
  • Support GM's car and truck platforms by assuming lead roles with global cross-functional teams.
  • Develop an in-depth process knowledge base for commodities, advance purchasing, supplier development, order management, scheduling and transportation.
  • Become a technical liaison among purchasing job groups, product development, manufacturing, marketing and our suppliers to resolve quality/operational issues.