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Information Technology

Welcome to GMIT, where we
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At GM, we’ve charged ourselves with one mission: to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles. And to achieve our goals, we’re currently undergoing one of the largest Information Technology transformations in the history of the automotive industry.

We’re building on our momentum and we’re changing the way we do things. We’re shifting our focus from running the business to advancing innovation. We’re recruiting more IT talent from the nation’s leading universities, and increasing the time we spend on developing and delivering solutions for our business partners.

In short, we’re currently seeking the next generation of game-changers to help us usher in a new age of automotive IT innovation. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Information Security & Risk Management

GM’s Information Security and Risk Management Team protects and defends the company’s information, networks, and infrastructure. We are looking for talented Information Security and Risk Management Professionals – in the fields of incident response, cyber-intelligence, enterprise security architecture, digital forensics, application security and compliance - with the passion and expertise to perform in a complex, global environment amidst today’s evolving threat landscape.

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Campus Recruiting

We have a variety of exciting and challenging opportunities for students and recent college grads. This is your ticket to be a part of one of the biggest transformations in corporate history and one of the most significant IT efforts around the globe.

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Software Development

Opportunities in Software Development encompass the gamut from detailed requirements, software specifications, design, programming, and test. These skills come into play in delivering leading-edge solutions to the business leveraging Agile techniques to maximize benefits, delight customers and dramatically shorten timelines.

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Infrastructure Design

In our quest to deliver unparalleled compute capability with full elasticity, scalability, and the highest resilience, we seek Infrastructure architects as well as Operations professionals who want to be leaders in cutting-edge infrastructure technologies and the latest architectures that challenge conventional thinking about the possible.

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Mobility Solutions

At GM, Mobility is more than a just buzzword, it is a new way of thinking about bringing business capabilities to the user on-the-go and not vice versa. This is made possible by developers, user-interface designers, and architects who think outside the box, never say never, and are driven by a vision to fundamentally re-think the relationship between the user and information technology.

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Data Engineering

Information is everything, it is the core at what drives competitive advantage through keener insights and faster business decisions. This in turn is made possible by committed professionals in the field of Data Engineering, data modelers, data architects, data warehouse engineers and database technologists, who are responsible for standardizing, simplifying, and architecting the next-generation of data solutions that deliver breakthrough Information solutions to the Business.

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Engineering a state-of-the-art ERP solution for the next generation global corporation is the vision for the team of SAP engineers, architects and developers who are re-inventing how business is done in the digital Enterprise of the future.

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Our team of dedicated Architects is responsible for delivering solutions both custom crafted as well as those based on industry standard COTS in a variety of technologies to business customers globally. We seek talented professionals who seek challenges and have an indefatigable appetite to surpass expectations, drive innovation, and deliver breakthrough solutions to the business.

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Information Technology Department Descriptions

+Software Development

Software DevelopmentSoftware Development is responsible for designing, developing and deploying innovative solutions in support of GM business customers worldwide. We do this by leveraging our expertise in software development, architecture, infrastructure design and project management.


SAPThe SAP Enterprise Services group is responsible for delivering common global SAP solutions aligned with key business processes across General Motors. The group manages the framework of rules, toolsets, methodology and projects required for delivering these common solutions.

+Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure DesignThe Infrastructure Design team is responsible for the core technology platforms for GM globally. This includes driving state-of-the-art strategies to realize innovations in areas such as Messaging, Collaboration, Mobility, Identity, and Data technologies.

+Information Security & Risk Management

SecurityOur vision - a world class enterprise security organization with a comprehensive risk management program focused on protecting and defending one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers.  This team prevents, detects and responds to security risks through both internal and external threat analysis and cyber-security intelligence methodologies.  Enforcement of enterprise security policies, controls and standards is managed while leading development of security architectures to support a global IT environment.  GM's standards based approach to information security leverages industry best practices such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO:IEC 27001 and 27002.


Vehicle SolutionsThe Infotainment team is a global organization that provides information technology solutions for the full life cycle of the vehicle — from product concept/design through production-build to support the customer that purchases the vehicle. We design strategies and define solutions that enable improvements in vehicle quality and business productivity, reduce production costs and complexity, increase revenue, and support new product innovation.


TelecommunicationsWe design and operate all network infrastructure and services globally. These services include: Voice, Mobility, TelePresence, Internet, Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, and Virtual Private Network for all business offices, engineering centers, warehouses and plants of GM worldwide.

+Data Engineering

Data EngineeringThe Data Engineering team is responsible for delivering a single data and business intelligence platform that serves the critical needs of information across all business processes globally. This will enable GM to significantly improve our operations in key areas such as vehicle manufacturing, warranty, quality, service, profitability and customer insights.

+IT Operations

IT OperationsThe IT Operations team has global responsibility for the sustain and service delivery of all GM applications worldwide. Our philosophy of flawless operations and leading-edge infrastructure combine to provide mission critical services that underpin GM’s global operations in Design, Engineering, Supply Chain, real-time manufacturing and more.

+Sales and Marketing IT

Sale and MarketingThe Sales and Marketing solutions team is responsible for crafting strategies and solutions that delight the consumer and support the dealer network throughout the entire lifecycle. We partner closely with the Global Marketing and Retail Sales & Service Organizations to define innovative ways for technology to effectively communicate GM’s products & accessories portfolio, connect with prospective consumers, provide an exemplary retail experience, and create a personalized ownership experience.

+Business Solutions

Business SolutionsBusiness Solutions is responsible for developing strategies, defining solutions, and optimizing the IT capabilities for business customers in the following areas: Finance, HR, Legal, Communications and others. Our team’s keen sense of business acumen, deep knowledge of business process, and expertise in eliciting requirements all play a key role in crafting solutions that drive greater business benefits with shorter returns on investment.

+Office of the CIO

Office of the CIOThe Office of the CIO is responsible for key global functions such as Strategic Planning, Portfolio Management, Budgeting, and Communications. We are a cohesive, tight-knit team that works on CIO priorities with regular interaction across all global IT teams.


Our People

Our People

Our IT people develop, deploy and operate the most sophisticated IT tools available used for simulation, supercomputing and advanced design tools for vehicle operation. We also develop real-time plant floor and production planning systems for manufacturing, web and social media for sales and marketing, and a host of additional IT solutions.

Our Information Technology—and the individuals we hire to advance and create it—are an integral and critical part of our business and information systems. In fact, it’s our people and their advanced thinking who have made us an industry leader in connected vehicle technology and telematics.

Our Role

Our Role

GM manages one of the largest IT operations in the world, supporting business activities in more than 100 countries around the world. GM is currently undergoing one of the largest Information Technology transformations in the history of the automotive industry.

We’re leveraging processes to help us operate more efficiently. That means driving value to our business bottom line with a speed and agility not seen before; transforming business by engineering breakthrough solutions; consolidating IT infrastructure and data centers and providing our employees with attractive locations and a wide variety of roles.

Career Growth

GM IT is working aggressively to reduce complexity, ambiguity and redundancy by streamlining the number of apps we use globally. We’re also improving our data centers and revolutionizing our IT development cycle. That means getting in on the ground floor of one the largest initiatives in automotive history, and having the ability to influence global events on a scale rarely found in this industry.

GM also offers our employees greater opportunities to work on unique, large-scale projects around the world from inception to completion, while experiencing greater opportunities for recognition, rewards and advancements.

So, what does a career with GM mean for your career? Quite simply, the ability to be on the leading edge of both business and IT innovation, while working with the best people, tools and technology in the industry.

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