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Delivering Breakthrough

Bringing powerful technology to the latest designs

GM IT Technology Areas

Infrastructure Design

Challenge convention and bring innovative solutions to GM's infrastructure technologies, with full elasticity, scalability, and the highest level of resilience.


Advanced ERP techniques power our global vision for the team of SAP engineers, architects, and developers who are driving the digital enterprise of the future.

Software Development

Design, program, and test new solutions to complex problems while leveraging Agile techniques to maximize benefits and shorten project timelines.

Mobility Solutions

Developing technology that fits today's life on the move. We create a new world that will fundamentally change how people engage with technology.


Developing the latest custom-crafted resources and those based on industry standard COTS to customers throughout the globe. Your desire to solve complex issues and your need to surpass expectations keep GM an industry leader.

Data Engineering

Responsible for the next generation of data systems designed to standardize and simplify everyday operations, improving our competitive advantage with in-depth insights that inform our business decisions.

Information Security & Risk Management

Defend our networks and infrastructure through incident response, cyber-intelligence, enterprise security architecture, digital forensics, applications security, and compliance.


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Our Hiring Process

+Step 1: Creating a profile

After you find a job that fits your skills, submit your credentials online by creating an account and candidate profile. Making a profile allows you to submit your work experience and answer self-identification questions.

Creating a profile takes about 20 minutes. After you make a profile, attach a resume (see Resume Tips). Update your profile or resume with new information at any time. Review our open positions and attach your credentials to any new positions of interest.

+Step 2: Reviewing credentials

At GM, we want to see what sets you apart. Our recruiting teams assess your qualities as a candidate against the position requirements. We identify the best-fit candidates, whose education, experience, and skills match those requirements.

+Step 3: Interviewing at GM

GM uses a behavior-based interview process where interviewers will ask you to relate actual experiences that demonstrate your skills and competencies. We also evaluate your personal and professional competencies and compare them to those critical success factors for the open position. For co-op and intern assignments, our campus recruiting teams will evaluate the credentials, interest, and competencies through a variety of interactions.

+Step 3: Selecting candidates

We have a good sense of your strengths as a candidate by the end of the process. From here, we select the most qualified candidate for the position. Our goal is to always communicate our decisions in a timely manner because we know this is important to you.

Five Questions with Randy Mott

With opening of fourth IT innovation center, GM CIO talks about lessons learned

DETROIT - General Motors fourth Information Technology innovation center held its grand opening today in Chandler, Ariz. GM Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Randy Mott discussed the ongoing makeover of the company's IT operations and the 9,000 salaried employees globally insourced as part of the transformation.

+Q1. What has GM learned through opening four innovation centers over the last two years?

It is all about attracting the best talent, whether it is recent college graduates or experienced professionals. Locating the four innovation centers strategically near top universities and places where the top talent works has given us a pool of the best of the best from which to draw. Recognizing that people don't always want to move for that next job gives us an advantage because we are bringing that next job to them. GM chose the innovation center locations by looking at IT talent-rich areas that also offer a strong community, attractive cost of living, an appealing business environment and high-tech industry presence.

+Q2. What were the challenges you faced during the development, building, staffing and now opening of the facility?

The facility in Chandler is the only one of the four innovation centers built from the ground up; the other centers in Warren, Mich.; Austin, Texas; and Roswell, Ga. are located in existing facilities. What surprised us is the overwhelming interest from students and experienced IT professionals to join the team. The pace of our hiring put us at capacity limits in the temporary location in Arizona while the permanent facility was being finished. We were worried about outgrowing the temporary facility too soon and losing our hiring momentum. We needed to bring in all the new talent possible to support the important work happening within the business while balancing space constraints against hiring opportunities.

+Q3. How has recruitment and staffing gone thus far?

In Chandler, our newest center, we expect to hire 1,000 employees over the next two years, so we are right on track. About a quarter of the first 500 employees working at the center are recent college graduates. The majority have come from Arizona State, University of Arizona, Brigham Young University and Northern Arizona University. Four of five IT majors at higher education institutions across the states are within a three-hour drive of a GM IT innovation center. Combined, the four centers have access to more than 7,000 students at more than 150 colleges and universities majoring in information technology-related fields. GM is targeting recruitment efforts at up to a dozen key universities within each geographic region.

+Q4. What has been the biggest surprise for you throughout the overall IT transformation process?

With all the national coverage suggesting a high-tech employee skills shortage, we have experienced the opposite. It's been a pleasant surprise how easy it has been to find, recruit and retain highly talented information technologists to work for General Motors.

+Q5. The innovation centers were a cornerstone of your plan to remake IT at GM. How is the rest of the insourcing of IT work going?

In terms of accomplishing our original objectives set out in 2012, we are at nearly 75 percent of our overall hiring goals across all four innovation centers. When we look at our transformation objectives and initiatives - doubling the speed of project delivery, tripling innovation, building enterprise data centers, creating an enterprise data warehouse - we're more than halfway there.