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Home > Job Search & Apply

Step Into The Driver's Seat.

Your Journey With GM Starts Here.

We're looking for dedicated visionaries and industry-leading innovators to join our team. Now, take a second and see what career works for you.

  • Conduct keyword searches by typing directly into the "Search by Job Title" field, or search by Business Function or Job Location.
  • Entry-level candidates, type "Entry Level" as your keyword search.
  • See our Hiring Process below for more information. Download the Recruiting Process timeline.
  • Candidate should have the ability to attach up to 1.67 MB per file.

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Start Your GM Career Here
Start your gm career

Search for career, create a profile, and start your GM journey.

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Update or create your profile, if no positions match your experience. Be sure to regularly update your profile.


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General Motors Careers Accessibility Statement & EOE

GM strives to ensure that its careers web site is accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities.

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Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Creating A Profile

After you find a job that fits your skills, submit your credentials online by creating an account and candidate profile. Making a profile allows you to submit your work experience and answer self-identification questions.

Creating a profile takes about 20 minutes. After you make a profile, attach a resume (see Resume Tips). Update your profile or resume with new information at any time. Review our open positions and attach your credentials to any new positions of interest.

Step 2: Reviewing Credentials

At GM, we want to see what sets you apart. Our recruiting teams assess your qualities as a candidate against the position requirements. We identify the best-fit candidates, whose education, experience, and skills match those requirements.

Step 3: Interviewing At GM

GM uses a behavior-based interview process where interviewers will ask you to relate actual experiences that demonstrate your skills and competencies. We also evaluate your personal and professional competencies and compare them to those critical success factors for the open position. For co-op and intern assignments, our campus recruiting teams will evaluate the credentials, interest, and competencies through a variety of interactions.

Step 4: Selecting Candidates

We have a good sense of your strengths as a candidate by the end of the process. From here, we select the most qualified candidate for the position. Our goal is to always communicate our decisions in a timely manner because we know this is important to you.

Quick Tips For Your Interview

search and apply

  • Research the company and the business function you are going to be speaking with. Know your stuff. You'll be glad when you get to the interview.
  • In the course of your research, write down a few key questions that you'd like to address during the interview process.
  • Look the part. Present yourself to be taken seriously.
  • Do your best to be provide thorough yet concise answers. An interview is often time-sensitive.

Quick Tips For Your Resume

Serach and apply

  • Write a concise 'Objective Statement' that outlines your career goals and why you are applying.
  • Chronologically highlight your most recent positions.
  • Make sure you detail and quantify all-important accomplishments.
  • Use 'action words' and industry terminology.
  • Avoid too much formatting, bolding and bullets for better readability.
  • Always preview and spell check what you've uploaded.