Our expert researchers, scientists and engineers at GM Israel specialize in the development of cutting-edge technologies that are bringing the autonomous, connected car of the future within reach. Our Advanced Technology Center is a hub where groundbreaking ideas are revealing new possibilities and redefining vehicles for customers worldwide. As advanced technologies emerge, we tackle every opportunity to develop innovative approaches to the most complex challenges facing the new mobility era.

A career with GM can boost your potential. Join the global innovators collaborating to shift the industry in thrilling new directions.

Ongoing work streams

In addition, we also focus on User Experience and Digital Life Infotainment, Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Virtualization, Monetization and Location-Based Value-Added Services, Content Streaming, Digital Life Experience, Multimodal Interaction, Contextual HMI, Speech & Acoustics, Intuitive Interaction.

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DISCLAIMER: The video captions are an English translation of the original in Hebrew. Translations are an approximation of the original content and should not be considered exact. In case of a discrepancy, the Hebrew original will prevail.

Every day, we’re turning bold, creative thinking into unique innovations that impact a global industry. And we’re always on the lookout for great minds to join the effort. Because we understand that it’s the people who drive our innovation. Our shared enthusiasm and determination keeps us hot on the trail toward the next great breakthrough, in an environment that makes our work truly satisfying and just plain fun. And with General Motors’ generous resources and support, we’re free to venture forward and challenge ourselves beyond the leading-edge.

“What makes GM Israel a good place is the people. I think that this is the #1 factor in making our place attractive and enjoyable, as well as the effort by management and individual researchers to create a supportive research environment that fosters creativity.”

“Professionally, I find the opportunity both to conduct my own research and to lead external collaboration as a unique one. I simply like the people working here.”

“I love the GM people, the technology, and the opportunity to make a difference worldwide.”

At General Motors we understand there is going to be a revolution of how people define “what is a car”. Click to play the video and learn how GM GCCX and GM Israel are joining the conversation.

At a Glance

Established: 2008

Languages: Hebrew and English


Developed the technology behind General Motors smart car in our Herzliya facility

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A career with GM can boost your potential. Join the global innovators collaborating to shift the industry in thrilling new directions.

Where We Are

General Motors Advanced Technical Center 

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