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Take 2

You always take care of business—no matter what. Are you eager to bring that passion and dedication back to the office? General Motors is ready and willing to help you re-enter the workforce and transition into a career aligned with your unique talent and ambition.

Introducing GM’s “Take 2” program—a 12-week engineering internship through which you’ll polish your skills, acquire new ones, and restore the confidence you need to launch a new phase in your professional journey.

Introducing GM’s “Take 2” program—a 12-week engineering internship through which you’ll polish your Take advantage of comprehensive training, technical and professional development opportunities, company-wide networking, and personalized mentoring/coaching. “Take 2” will prepare you for a full-time career in highly competitive STEM fields at GM, a global leader in the automotive industry. Your comeback story begins now.

Want to learn more? Explore below and check back often as opportunities will be available soon.

Jessica Moreno

Jessica, a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Security Credential Management program manager, is helping to shape the technology cars use to talk to each other when avoiding crashes and other unwanted situations on the road.

Stories of success


- Tricia, BFO/AVD & Lead DRE for Active Aero Shutters

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Explore our Take 2 program opportunities

Manufacturing engineering experienced intern

Our goal is lean, flexible manufacturing systems and processes. Developing safety first, cost effective methods of production that will protect our customers while keeping us competitive worldwide. GM is offering many challenging careers, including:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Product/Program Management

Please stay tuned. Opportunities will be available soon.

Vehicle Engineering Experienced Intern

Potential areas of focus may include:

  • Cyber-Security
  • Electrical Components & Subsystems
  • Global Engineering Operations and System Development
  • Validation
  • Vehicle Performance
  • And more

Please stay tuned. Opportunities will be available soon.

Your family. Your future. Benefits at GM.


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Your life. Your career at GM.


Encounter endless opportunities for growth and development, as you contribute to groundbreaking innovations that can touch lives around the world.

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Innovating for a new direction


Curiosity and determination keep us searching for the next breakthrough. See how we cultivate an environment that inspires people to aim for new heights.

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Diversity is our driving force


At GM, different walks of life and points of view unite to pursue a shared mission. See how we can achieve excellence — together.

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