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Working better growing together

Giving you room to grow

Your success at GM starts at home. We believe that giving you the right balance in your career is what drives you further. Empowering our team members with flextime and telecommuting options to keep GM moving forward with the best team in the industry.

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Flextime scheduling is an alternative work arrangement that permits salaried employees (in job assignments that are compatible and with leadership approval) to select the hours they will work within certain parameters (e.g., core hours during which all employees in a department are expected to work). Flextime helps accommodate individuals who prefer to start their workday early, as well as those who have reasons for working late. It can also make working variances possible, as long as minimum weekly work hour requirements are met.


Telecommuting permits employees (in job assignments that are compatible and with leadership approval) to perform some or all of their work assignments from a location other than their GM worksite.

In many cases, employees have the option of working from home and connecting with their managers and co-workers through email, telephone, and web meetings. This can be an effective work arrangement for individuals who face a long and time-consuming commute between their home and worksite, or those who have personal responsibilities that require their presence in their home for specific periods of time.

Spouses and Dual Careers

We are also committed to keeping families together, through job transfers, new projects, assignments, and career moves. Our Dual Career Couple Policy provides consideration in dual career relocation situations, when both an employee and his/her spouse or same sex domestic partner are employed in salaried positions by GM.